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Our products are focused on what our key customers need most. Our vendors are worldwide manufacturers with broad and significant experience servicing the industrial economy. Our focus is to help our vendors understand what our customers need most and work together to make that happen.

We made a decision when we founded Nooney Controls that we wanted to be known for quality and integrity, especially when it comes to our products, people, service and partners. Our list of suppliers and sub-vendors is proof of that commitment. When customers contact us they’re looking for solutions that will last. And lasting solutions begin with integrating the right parts and elements. We’re proud of our sub-vendors and suppliers. And we hope they are just as proud to call us a customer as well.


Explore the diverse range of valves at Nooney Controls, designed to regulate, control, and isolate flow, offering robust performance and durability across various industrial processes.


Nooney Controls offers precision-engineered hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric actuators, designed for reliable operation in any application.

Pressure Regulators

Optimize pressure management with Nooney Controls’ high-quality regulators, crafted for stability and accuracy in diverse industrial systems.


Nooney Controls offers cutting-edge instrumentation that delivers precise measurement, monitoring, and control across various industries and applications.