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At Nooney Controls, our precision-engineered products guarantee seamless integrations of valves and automation into your industrial applications.


We made a decision when we founded Nooney Controls that we wanted to be known for quality and integrity, especially when it comes to our products, people, service and partners. Our list of suppliers and sub-vendors is proof of that commitment. When customers contact us they’re looking for solutions that will last. And lasting solutions begin with integrating the right parts and elements. We’re proud of our sub-vendors and suppliers. And we hope they are just as proud to call us a customer as well


Valtek is an industry leader in high performance Industrial control valve technology. They have led the way for 35 years with the Mark One globe control valve, StarPac intelligent control valve system and most recently with the 3rd generation Logix 3200 IQ digital positioner. Valtek can handle any application from low pressure water to high pressure, high temperature gases, corrosive and abrasive slurries and everything in between.

Kammer Valves

Kammer specializes in low flow, precision linear control valve and metal bellowseal technology. Features: metal bellows, low flow, cryogenic and tank bottom valves.


Cashco is a full line manufacturer of pressure regulators for industrial, commercial and sanitary applications. The also offer a line of linear and rotary control valves and pneumatic controllers.


Sensiflo offers a full line low-flow, single and dual stage pressure regulators for gas and liquid applications, 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” up to 7,200 psig. 316 SS, Hastelloy, Monel, Titanium and chrome brass materials available.

RotorK Automation

Rotork offers a complete product line of high quality pneumatic, electric and electro-hydraulic and hydraulic actuators, including the IQ and IQT intelligent electric motor actuatoir available with Foundation FieldBus and other communication protocols.

Remote Control Inc.

Rotork RCI offers a complete product line of high quality pneumatic, electric and electro-hydraulic actuators. Torque output ranges from 50”/# to 1M +”/#. A large local inventory and excellent service and support make Rotork the #1 choice.

Cameron Valve

Cameron Valve – WKM DynaCentric high performance butterfly valves, DynaSeal ball valves, Nutron high pressure ball valves, Demco rubberline butterfly valves and Techno wafer check valves.


Kitz is a world leader in ball valve technology offering a broad range of industrial and commercial floating type ball valves. Available with Teflon and metal seats, NPT, weld or flanged ends, carbon steel or stainless steel. In addition, Kitz all offers industrial and commerial gate, globe and check valve in bronze, iron, steel and stainless steel.

KF Industries

KF Industries is a manufacturer of Trunion and floating type ball valves, steel and stainless steel, flanged and weld ends, 1/2” – 48”, 150# – 2,500#. Also, needle and single disc swing check valves. They excel in fuel gas and fuel oil valve applications


Reyco is a manufacturer of Pressure safety relief valves for gas and liquid service, spring loaded direct snap acting. Carbon steel and stainless steel materials. 1/2” size and up.


Flowseal offers a full range of high performance type Teflon seated butterfly valves fro 2” -72”, class 150# -600# in carbon steel and 316 SS.


Centerline manufactures a complete line of elastomer and Teflon lined butterfly valves, from 2” – 72”.

Westlock Controls

Westlock Controls has been the leader of valve position monitoring for over 15 years. They have led the way with general purpose to intrinsically safe position switches for both linear and rotary valves and also offer a wide range of position feedback transmitters and valve positioners.


Inline specializes in competitively priced stainless steel ball valves. Teflon seated, 2-way, 3-way and 4 valve configurations, NPT, weld ends, tri-clamp and flanged connections

Nooney Controls

Pneumatic loading station sytem

Nooney Controls manufactures a standard pneumatic manual loading station for use on control valve applications. The loading station’s purpose is to allow for manual selection between automatic control from an I/P signal generated from a PLC or DCS and a manual pneumatic signal adjusted by the loading station regulator. Part no. NCCMLS-1


Quadax 4 access metal seated butterfly valve offers an industry leading zero leakage butterfly valve for a broad range of industrial applications including HP/HT water and steam, hydrocarbons, corrosive chemicals and hot air. Valves availble from 3” – 40”,  class 150# – 900#, carbon steel, stainless steel  and other alloys as required.


ABB I/P & P/I signal converters, formally known as Sensycon and VDO, have been an industry standard for 20 + years. They offer a highly reliable, German quality IP & PI technology in a compact, rugged and competitively priced package.


Dynatorque offer a full range of quarter turn and multi-turn mechanical gear operator for valve automation.


Maxseal solenoid operated pilot valves is a worldwide leader in pilot valves used for valve automation. They specialize in valves made for harsh environments where a rugged design and construction is necessary. Maxseal also carries a full compliment of international compliance certifications.

Valve Concepts Inc.

Valve Concepts Inc. (VCI) offers a complete product line of low pressure tank blanketing valves, tank vents, flame arrestors and emergency vents

AT Controls

AT Controls offers a complete line of ball valves and actuators including uni-body and piece, 3-piece, flanged, trunnion type, metal seated, V-port and various other specialty valves as well as hi-performance butterfly valves and pneumatic and electric actuation.


Carraro is a manufacturer of a wide range of pressure relief and pressure regulating valves as well as steam desuperheaters

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