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Unlock Precision Control with Profiler

Predictive Valve Maintenance

Downtime can be expensive in many ways, but is inevitable for most equipment. By using this predictive, data-driven approach you can plan maintenance work for when it’s really needed. Sometimes a valve will perform better than expected, and a well-informed approach to maintenance could help prevent taking equipment out of service when it is still working efficiently.


  • Easy to Use: Lightweight, portable and rugged, Profiler is simple to set up on control valves just about anywhere in your facility, saving you time and money while delivering precise diagnostics.
  • Test Valves In-Line: The Profiler allows you to avoid the expense of removing valves from operation and increase facility uptime by testing your valves in-line.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Capabilities (Proview): Like other diagnostic test systems, Profiler allows for highly accurate testing in harsh environments. Our valve diagnostic test systems perform a full range of valve diagnostics and valve performance testing. Testing includes automatic control, isolation, block, safety relief, and fugitive emissions testing.

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